tag pny psl.

woohooo ceria~
tayang purse/wallet anda!

i got a tag from nard naddy.
1st time lah katekn, excited la skit.
huahuahua. ade gak nk tag kn.
so pd nard, thx ya ! :D

mengikut rules sy perlu :-

1. Snap the picture both inner and outer of the wallet.
2. Introduce your wallet brand, price, where you buy
3. Take out whatever inside your wallet (at least 5 pictures)
4. Snap a picture of you with your wallet.
5. Tag 5 person.

*Let's begin*



hey, hey, hey.
tu dia pursenyeeee..
purse ini berjenama "xde name", anonymous la kononnya.
purse ni di beli somewhere at Sg. Wang or Time Square. buutt,i think kt TS kot.
price? perlu mention ke? it's about under RM20.
tapy, purse ni sgt best waloapon mura. mudh di bwa,byk ruang,cantik & most important selesa sgt pki purse ni.
purse ni jgklah purse plg lame brtahan di hati ku. eceehh.


things inside my purse lah ni.
bnd basic yg slalu ade dlm purse.
and i need bnd2 like, TISSUE,HANDY PLUSS, and a few RMs for sho.
yg lain2 tu, biase2 aje.receipt,voucher,members card and so on lah.


*The End*

now i tag 5 people randomly:-

1. ekyn
5. Qyla

x tahu nk pick sape.
so name sape yg nmpk, itulh yg trpilih.
hahahaa :D
suda habes.. byeBye~

4 orang doa saya kawen cepat. =p :

talk,talk and talk said... Reply To This Comment

ape ni??
ak xpham la.

Siti Fatimah Nabihah said... Reply To This Comment

wah.. byknya brg dlm purse dier. hehe :))

hans said... Reply To This Comment

kalau den tak buat dah tag

yummy nuts said... Reply To This Comment

kyn: ko kna wt la bnd ni. ikut je rules tu.
wat bodo pon xpe lah. :P

siti: huhuhu.. xde la byk mne pon. heeee.

hans: xnk buat dh ler. sy nk buat. :)