Boy Girl~

Boy: You know what?
Girl: What?
Boy: Next time i see you, don't wear that skirt again, it's too revealing.
Girl: Why? I thought you loved that skirt.
Boy: Next time, wear something that reaches to your ankles.
Girl: Ok whatever!
Boy: A dress that reaches to your ankles.. and wear long white gloves that reach to your elbows.
Girl: What?
Boy: Trust me.
Girl: What are you trying to do? Hide me from everyone?
Boy: Do up your hair as well real pretty.
Girl: Are you listening to what I'm saying? You're so conservative, don't choke me like this... Are you kidding me?
Boy: I'm dead serious.
Girl: You know I don't like guys who boss me around.
Boy: ... Wear a veil.
Girl: ... What?
Boy: Wear this ring too.
Girl: ....
Boy: Marry me.

2 orang doa saya kawen cepat. =p :